Animal Outreach Programs

Animal Outreach Programs

Our Education Animal Ambassadors are ready to come to you! Choose from the following variety of exciting animals presentations.

Each time a Rainforest program is presented, $25 (or $35 for two back-to-back programs) will be donated to conservation efforts taking place in the wild.

Classroom Presentations &
Walk-up Outreaches

The Wonder of Rainforests

What makes rainforests so special? Through interactive activities, amazing biofacts and real rainforest animals, students will be transported to the rainforests of the world. Students will learn the reasons this important ecosystem is threatened and ways each of us can help save it. (Donation to

Happy Habitats

What do all living things need to survive?  From desert to rainforest, animals are found in a variety of habitats throughout the world.  Discover how they have adapted to their habitats while meeting animals from different biomes around the world.


This multi-concept presentation brings fun to your students while they meet some amazing Animal Ambassadors. Topics such as animal senses and adpatations will come alive as your students explroe how animals protect themselves and find food.

ZOOper Heroes!

Investigate the world of super heroes who have special animal abilities. From fact to fiction, we'll discover what kind of amazing adaptations it takes to be Spiderman, Batman, Catwoman, and more!

Pirates of the ZOOribbean

Ahoy Mateys! It's a ZOOribbean adventue as we set sail on an exciting pirate's journey in search of amazing coastal and island animals. Discover the true treasures of a pirate's life.

Great horned owl photoFear to Fascination

Are you afraid of snakes?  Spiders? Face your fears with this in-depth program designed to debunk some of the most common myths surrounding some of the world's most misunderstood animals.  Discover why humans fear them and how beneficial they really are to our planet.  

Florida Natives

Meet some of the wonderful animals that share our state, including some you might see in your own backyard. This encounter features Florida's diverse wildlife including alligators, opossums or gopher tortoises. Learn why it is imperative that we become stewards of our state in order to save habitat for these natives.

Weird Animal Adaptations

They’re weird, wacky and wonderful! Meet some creatures with strange features in this up close look at some unusual animal adaptations.

Baby opossum photoCreatures of the Night

Fascinating night life comes to light during this adventure with some incredible creatures of the night. Discover amazing characteristics and adaptations that have allowed these animals to be successful in the dark.

ZOOm Around the World

See the world through the eyes of animals from a variety of continents and habitats, without leaving your classroom. Students will meet animals native to the far corners of our planet. A diversity of species, which often fill similar niches, will be presented. Representatives might include an emperor scorpion, red-billed hornbill, bearded dragon or sugar glider.

Create-Your-Own Outreach

Docent with screech owl photoThe diverse group of animals and biofacts in our Education Department allows us to create an outreach presentation to meet your specific needs. Focusing on birds? Invertebrates? Reptiles? Call and let our team create the prefect outreach program for you.

Zoo instructor in school classroom with students holding a blue tongue skink photo 

Classroom Presentations

Time: One hour
Dates: Monday-Sunday
Ages: Kindergarten and up
Group Size: Up to 50 students (or 2 classes)
Cost: One program: $300
Two programs: $400
Location: Up to a 30-mile radius from the Zoo
*Additional charge beyond this distance.
Reservations: Required at least two weeks in advance. Please call 407.323.4450, ext. 125 or email


Docent at festival holding a baby alligator for children to touch photo

Walk-up Outreach

Time: Two hour maximum
Cost: One Hour: $300
Two Hours: $400
Location: Up to a 30-mile radius from the Zoo
*Additional charge beyond this distance.
Reservations: Required at least two weeks in advance. Please call 407.323.4450 ext. 125 or email


*For a complete education informational booklet, please email or call at 407.323.4450 ext. 125.

Nine banded armadillo photo     Two kids with macaw