Black Handed Spider Monkey

Black-handed Spider Monkey

Ateles geoffroyi geoffroyi

Quick Facts

Black-handed Spider Monkey
Found:  Central and South America
Size:  3 to 4 feet
Weight: 13 to 19 pounds
Diet:  80% fruit, 20% leaves
Life Span:  40 years
Status:  Endangered

Spider monkeys get their name for their extremely long, spidery limbs.  They are found in tropical rainforests where they like to inhabit the middle and upper canopy.  They have a prehensile tail that lacks hair on the end and has individual "fingerprints" similar to the human hand.  They use their tail to hang from branches leaving their hands free and can even pick up small objects with their tail.  On their hands, they have no thumb.  They live in large groups of 6 to 33 individuals with twice as many females as males in the group. 

 Black-handed Spider Monkey     Black-handed Spider Monkey     Black-handed Spider Monkey