Blue-bellied Roller

Blue-bellied roller
Coracias cyanogaster

Quick Facts

Blue-bellied roller

Found:  Africa
Size:  12 inches
Weight:  5 ounces
Diet: insects, small snakes, fruits
Status:  Common


This bird gets its name for its fast tumbling, rolling display flights. Blue-bellied rollers are social birds that typically gather in small groups of 3 to 7, sometimes more. They exhibit many social behaviors, including calling to each other, chasing each other, flying together, and defending territory together. They have an interesting hunting style -- they sit high in trees, about 30 feet up, and dive-bomb prey on the ground. They plummet toward the ground to snatch up prey, then return to the treetops. They also flock to the scene of forest and brush fires and feed on insects fleeing flames.

Blue-bellied roller     Blue-bellied roller   Blue-bellied roller