Brown Lemur

Brown Lemur

Eulemur fulvus

Quick Facts

Brown Lemur
Found:  Madagascar

Size:  2 feet long with tail
Weight:  4 to 6 pounds
Diet:  fruit, flowers, leaves, insects
Life Span:  up to 25 years
Status:  Endangered

Lemurs are primitive primates called prosimians and are found only on the island of Madagascar.  Prosimians differ from monkeys in that they have an elongated fox-like snouts, their four lower canine teeth that lie flat and are used for grooming, and the second digit on their foot has a grooming claw.  Other members of the prosimian family include the aye-aye, indris, and sifaka.   Brown lemurs, like all true lemurs, have binocular vision and long furry tails. They have a scent gland located at their wrist that is used in olfactory communication. The males and females have different fur patterns.  The Zoo has two females on exhibit.  They celebrated their 33rd birthday in April 2016.  They are two of the oldest brown lemurs in any American Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) institution. 

Brown Lemur     Brown Lemur    Brown Lemur