Communications Department Internship

Communications Department Internship

Marketing - Events - Communications

The Communications Department Internship program is for individuals interested in gaining experience in the marketing, events and public relations field or wanting to explore this career path.
It is preferred that interns be seeking school credit for this internship and anyone participating must be 18 years or older.

Communications Department interns will work as members of the communications team, including opportunities to use academic skills in the practical application of marketing, events and public relations. 


You will work with the communications team and be expected to function as a member of the team by contributing ideas and solutions.


As a team member, you will develop communication skills through the sharing and selling of ideas and suggestions. You will also improve non-verbal communication skills through the creation of marketing materials, including press releases, flyers and brochures.

Project Management:

Learn the importance of prioritizing and time management skills while working on event and marketing projects in order to meet deadlines independently and as a team. 

Creative Thinking:

You will be required to create and complete projects, including support materials, using creative thinking skills. You will be responsible for the design, creation, implementation, and final analysis of these projects.

Adapting To Change:

Learn to be flexible by approaching each assignment understanding that objectives can change. An ability to adapt to new responsibilities is necessary.

Office Protocol:

Learn the importance of how to conduct yourself
in an office setting, including working with different departments and cultures, as well as gaining knowledge of general office procedures.


The Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens is a non-profit organization and the Communications Department Internship is an unpaid internship. It is an amazing opportunity to gain a wealth of experience working as part of a dynamic communications team!

Internship programs run by semesters:

  • January-April

  • May-August

  • September-December

Note: Applications are required at least two months in advance.


  • A minimum of 15 hours per week is required. Days and times are flexible.
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Current student or graduate

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For more information please call 407.323.4450 ext. 128 or email