Guira Cuckoo
Guira guira


Quick Facts

Guira Cuckoo

Found:  South America
Size:  15 inches
Weight:  A few ounces
Diet:  insects
Status:  Common

Guira cuckoos are very adaptable and have taken full advantage of their surroundings. They are able to eat insects such as hairy caterpillars, which other birds avoid. On cold nights, they will huddle together in a tree for warmth.  They are in the same family as roadrunners and have a foot with two toes forward and two toes back that allows the bird to run along the ground or climb tree trunks. These cuckoos also practice communal breeding, living in large flocks with one generation of offspring helping their parents to raise the next generation.  Groups will use a single nest for approximately 20 blue speckled eggs from multiple females, but when others aren’t looking, the cuckoos will sometimes push eggs from the nest to decrease competition for their own chicks.

Guira Cuckoo    Guira Cuckoo    Guira Cuckoo