Grand Cayman Island Rock Iguana


Grand Cayman Island rock iguana
Cyclura nubila lewisi

Quick Facts

Grand Cayman Island rock iguana

Found:  Grand Cayman Island
Size:  Up to 4 feet long
Weight:  15 to 20 pounds
Diet:  Vegetation
Life Span:  Up to 50 years
Status:  Endangered

The Grand Cayman Island Rock Iguana is one of the most critically endangered reptile species in the world.  Only two viable populations (100 to 200 lizards) remain in a three square mile area of eastern Grand Cayman.  Zoos, including ours, are working very hard to keep this species from becoming extinct by coordinator breeding efforts through the Species Survival Plan.  Predation by cats and dogs and habitat loss are among the blue iguanas’ biggest killers.  Rock iguanas are normally blue-gray in color when resting.  During breeding season or when excited, they turn turquoise blue and are referred to as the "blue iguana."  Primarily herbivores, they prefer vegetation and have been known to consume at least 45 different plant species.  Occasionally, rock iguanas enjoy some fruits.