Job Shadow Opportunities

Job Shadow Opportunities

Asian greater one horned rhinoJob shadowing opportunities are available to students attending middle school or high school and must be associated with class credit. A job shadow experience is typically scheduled for a full day 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., or a half day can be arranged.

Students must submit all of the following information at least two weeks prior to the desired date in order to be eligible for consideration in our job shadowing program:

1.  A letter from a teacher on school letterhead documenting that job shadowing is for class credit, and an explanation detailing the information the students should be obtaining from their experience. 

2.  Students must submit a letter expressing his/her interest in job shadowing and how they expect to benefit from this program.

3.  A letter on school letterhead must be submitted stating the school assumes all insurance liability for the students while shadowing with the CFZ&BG. 

4.  The attached job shadow form should be complete.

5.  The volunteer form and volunteer release should be completed and submitted online. 

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