Panthera pardus 

Quick Facts

Found:  Africa and Asia
Size:  Approx. 6 feet long with tail
Weight: 100 Females    160 Males
Diet: gazelle, impala, deer
Life Span: 20-25 years
Status: Most Asian are endangered


Like most cats, leopards are solitary and nocturnal.  They can leap 20 feet horizontally and 10 feet vertically.  They are very strong and can carry prey three times their body weight up a tree.  They can run at speeds up to 37 miles per hour (as fast as a racing greyhound) and are one of the few cats that like water and are good swimmers.  They are strong tree climbers and can even climb a tree carrying  prey their own weight.  They do this to prevent other animals, such as hyenas, from sharing their kill. They also store their food in trees.

Melanistic leopards are commonly called black panthers, however, there is no such animal.  You can still see their leopard spots especially when in the sunlight.  Panthers do not carry the recessive gene that causes more black pigment to be produced.    

Leopard    Leopard   Leopard