PreK & VPK Animal Outreach Programs

Preschool & VPK Outreach Presentations


Our Education Animal Ambassadors are ready to come to you! Choose from the following variety of exciting animal presentations.

Each time a Where's the Bear? or Hooray for Rainforests program is presented, $25 (or $35 for two back-to-back programs) will be donated to conservation efforts taking place in the wild.

Under Our Feet

Gopher tortoiseWe're diggin' deep beneath our feet as we go exploring for animals that live underground! Discover the adaptations that allow these creatures to make their homes under logs, leaves and trees.

Best Bet for Pets

What kind of pet would you like? Maybe a tiger or a really big snake? What's wrong with having a wild animal as a pet? It's "wild vs. domestic" in this up close look at the best bet for a great pet.

Where's the Bear?

OpossomBlack bears in Central Florida? There certainly are and they need our help! Children will play an active part in this lively presentation that emphasizes the simple concept that by saving black bear habitat, we will also be saving many other species as well. Many animals sharing the bear's habitat will be part of the presentation. (Donation to Florida wildlife conservation projects.)

Hooray for Rainforests!

KinkajouImaginations will soar as children are magically transported to the rainforest through interactive activities involving sounds, movement, stories, and, of course, real rainforest animals. The wonder of this fascinating ecosystem will come alive and help shape curiosity and appreciation for a future of caring. (Donation to Center for Ecosystem Survival.)


Happy Habitats

What do all living things need to survive? From desert to rainforest, animals are found in a variety of habitats throughout the world. Discover how they have adapted to their habitats while meeting animals from around the world.


    coqui frog  Docent showing an iguana to children in a classroom.   

Outreach Prices

Time: 30 minutes, earliest start time 10:00 a.m.
Dates: Monday - Sunday
Ages: 2-5 years
Group Size: Up to 25 students per program
Cost: ------------------------------------------------------------
One program: $175
Each consecutive program (same day): $50
Maximum of three programs per day.
Seminole County Public School Discount Rate:
One program: $131
Each consecutive program (same day): $50
Maximum of three programs per day.
Location: Within a 30-mile radius from the Zoo
Reservations: Required at least two weeks in advance. Please call 407.323.4450, ext. 125 or email


Pre-k thru First Grade Activity


The Orangutan ZootCase

oranutan zootcase photo

Check out this box of fun interactive teaching tools that celebrate the orangutan and its Asian home, perfect for preschool through first grade. An original flannel board story, books, games, songs and even a child-size orangutan costume that demonstrates the length of the orangutan's arms are part of the fun. Everything is packaged in its own easily transported container.

The Orangutan ZootCase was developed by the Zoo as part of a program now available at zoos across the country to raise funds for critically endangered orangutans. Each time this box is rented, 50% of the fee is donated to the Orangutan Conservancy. With collected fees from several zoos we are helping the Conservancy save and protect habitat, rehabilitate orphaned and injured orangutans and try to insure a future for this remarkable species. To learn more about orangutans visit

Time:  Up to two-week rental

Cost:  $30

Ages:  Preschool - First Grade

Reservations:  407.323.4450, ext. 122 or email