Teacher Workshops

Zoo Sponsored Learning Programs at the Central Florida Zoo

In-Service Credit Teacher Workshops

Teachers of all Grades

teacher photoThe workshops we offer are available to be scheduled at your convenience! With a guaranteed minimum of 10 teachers you can schedule your workshop at the Zoo, or we will travel to your school. Whether at the Zoo, or at your school, our workshops provide teachers with information and innovative ideas to teach a wide variety of topics. Teachers will receive in-service continuing education credit for attending.
What: Any of the workshops described (or request a specialized workshop!)
When: Call to schedule (at least 2 weeks in advance.)
Time: Varies with workshop
Cost: $10 per teacher with a minimum of 10 teachers
(maximum 25)

Zoo Concepts
Teachers of all Grades

Don't be intimidated by taxonomy, predator/prey relations, animal adaptations, habitats, carrying capacity and other ecology concepts! Learn creative interactive ways to bring these concepts to life for your students.  Call 407.323.4450 ext. 120 or email stephaniew@centralfloridazoo.org to schedule.  

Animals and Art!
Teacher Workshop Grade Focus:  PreK – 12th

Zoo staff holding a great horned owl.Engage your students in art, science and wonder! In this interdisciplinary workshop, you’ll discover ways that animals create their own art and explore how artists use animals as their inspiration. Take home your own project and a ton of inventive ideas that blend science and art. Call 407.323.4450, ext. 123 or email education@centralfloridazoo.org to schedule.

Saving Great Apes
Teachers of all grades

teachers photoDiscover our closest living relatives, the great apes. In this workshop we will compare the species and marvel at the behaviors and intelligence of these magnificent animals. Most importantly we will delve into the critical problems facing all of the great apes' very existence. Several excellent classroom curricula will be distributed, including some developed by the Bushmeat Crisis Task Force. Also learn many ways each of us can become actively involved to help save apes from extinction. Call 407.323.4450 ext. 125 or email fieldtrips@centralfloridazoo.org to schedule.