Third Grade: Zoo Explorers

Third Grade: Zoo Explorers

Screech Owl photoYour third graders will rotate through three exciting learning stations as they take a walk on the wild side! Inside our classroom students will meet live animals as they discover the differences and similarities between the vertebrate classes. They will travel the globe as they tour the Zoo to identify continents, animals that live there, and learn about their statuses in the wild. A trip into bear habitat helps students learn about umbrella species, and discovery stations will show how math, science and problem-solving skills help us care for the animals. Experience the wonders of wildlife!

New third grade program! Formerly known as "Curric-ZOO-lum". It now includes visiting the Zoo's exciting new bear habitat!

New! Walmart Foundation Grant for Title 1 Schools
Students attend for free. Limited availability.
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Florida State Standards

Big Idea 14:  Organization and Development of Living
    SC.3.L.14.1; SC.3.L.14.2

Big Idea 15:  Diversity of Living Organisms
    SC.3.L.15.1; SC.3.L.15.2

Big Idea 17:  Interdependence
    SC.3.L.17.1; SC.3.L.17.2

Strand:  Geography; Standard 1: The World in Spatial Terms
    SS.3.G.1.2; SS.3.G.1.3

Strand:  Geography; Standard 2: Places and Regions

Strand:  Geography; Standard 3: Physical Systems

Strand:  Writing Applications; Standard 2: Informative

Strand:  Communication; Standard 1: Penmanship
    LA. ________________________________________________________________________________

Time: 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Dates: Monday - Friday
Group Size: Minimum 15 Students / Maximum 100 students per day
*Please plan to schedule more than one day if you have more than 100 students.
Cost: ___________________________________________________
$12.00 per student; Teachers - Free 
One adult chaperone per eight students required - Free.
Up to five additional chaperones maximum at $13.00 per person.

Annual Passes do not apply.

Seminole County Public School Discount Rate:
$9.00 per Student; Teachers - Free
One chaperone per eight students required - Free

Up to five additional chaperones maximum at $13.00 per person.


Call 407.323.4450 ext. 123 or email at least two weeks in advance.

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