Tomato Frog

Tomato Frog
Dyscophus antongili


Quick Facts

Tomato frog

Found:  Madagascar
Size:  2 to 4 inches
Diet:  Insects
Status:  Most animals on Madagascar
            are endangered.

Amphibians from Madagascar are special because they are found no where else in the world. Like its name suggests, the tomato frog is one of three species of frogs that very much resemble a bright red ripe tomato. The females of this species are larger and more brightly colored than the males. Their bright red color serves as a warning mechanism to other species thinking about eating them. They also exude a sticky, white, irritating substance if they feel threatened. They are a sit and wait kind of predator. They don't like to move much so they let their prey pass by them. Once within range, they strike quickly and efficiently. Because of its small geographic range and destruction of habitat, it has become a Priority 1 animal in zoo collections. This means that special conservation attention is given to this species. Luckily, this species is being worked with and bred in human care to help conserve it.

  Tomato frog   Tomato frog   Tomato frog