Zoo Accessibility

Accessibility at the Central Florida Zoo

The Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens is committed to meeting the needs of all our visitors. We are always happy to discuss any requirements you may have to make your visit more enjoyable.

Accessible learning

Our school programs also cater for students with accessibility requirements, including mobility and learning difficulties. To schedule a sign language interpreter, a touch tour for the blind, or for more information on the different programs provided and how we can accommodate your needs, please contact the Education Department at 407-323-4450 ext. 123 or ext. 125

Welcoming assistance animals

Service animals are welcome at the Zoo.  However, because service animals can pose certain concerns and challenges within a zoo setting, it is important that we advise you of our policy regarding these animals and ask for your cooperation.

Due to the natural predator/prey instinct, some zoo animals may react quickly or violently to the presence of a service animal, which can cause injury to the zoo animal or even death.  Because of this, service animals are not permitted to go in these areas.  Please check with admission staff as to which areas service animals are prohibited.  You may also view a map of the Zoo (with prohibited areas marked in red) hereWe also ask if you notice a zoo animal becoming distressed or overly aggressive by the presence of your service animal, to please leave the area immediately.  

Because we want all guests to be able to enjoy all areas of the Zoo, if you would like to visit a restricted area, we are happy to provide a guided walk-through of the area by a staff member while another member of your party supervises and safeguards your service animal.  

If you have any questions regarding our policies, you can contact our Public Safety Office at 407 323-4450 ext 100.   

Thank you for planning a visit to the Central Florida Zoo!